I began learning how to build kilns in 1997-98 while working with Lisa Stinson at Louisiana Tech University. In the years following, I worked on many kiln projects with the intention to gain more knowledge and hands on experience. I started building kilns professionally in 2002 and have since built twelve kilns around the country. 

My experience includes, sprung arch gas and soda kilns, catenary arch-Noborigama wood kilns, Bourry Box wood/salt kilns and car kilns. 

My services include, kiln design and construction, project management and consultation. Please contact me for availability. 

Sprung Arch

Sprung arch gas kiln for Renata Wadsworth, Danby NY - 2018. Steel work by Rob Licht.

Gas/soda kiln for Suzanne Merner, Holouloa HI - 2014. Designed by Gerald Ben of Dovetail Design. Steel work by Ian Rodgers.

Car Kilns

Gas car kiln for Jeremiah Donovan, Groton NY - 2018. Steel work by Sam Phillips.

Gas/soda car kiln for Robbie Lobell and Cook on Clay. Whidbey Island, WA - 2013. Steel work by Pat Manning. 

Wood Kilns

Noborigama, catenary arch wood kiln for Kevin Ryan. Ellington CT - 2017.

Bourry Box wood/salt kiln for Rose Esson Dawson. Westport, MA 2013.

Other kilns 1997-2008